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Your  agency promotes Kim, the rising star but doesn’t give Kim the development needed to ensure her success. Kim’s open door policy becomes a revolving door of complaints, excuses, and regrets. Kim doesn’t know where to start. Kim avoids difficult conversations because of a lack of skills, lack of confidence, and fear of conflict. As a result Kim’s team lose trust, morale is lowered, absenteeism rises and turnover is on the rise.

We Need a Workshop!!

When Kim’s boss, the director or manager calls us about Kim, the drama has usually gotten out of hand. The first words are usually, “We need a workshop! (Wouldn’t it be great if a workshop really was a magic bullet?) Truth be told, if you knew how to fix the problem, wouldn’t it already be fixed?

We believe in being transparent so here’s something you need to know:  A workshop can be a nice starting place, but you will be disappointed if you expect to solve a multi-faceted problem with a one-and-done workshop. Workshops can start a transformational process, but sustainability happens through practice and support, and identifying the correct initiative.

So, do you need a workshop?

Maybe. We do them all the time. Workshops are perfect for association meetings. Workshops are fantastic if your agency has a once a year retreat or a quarterly leadership development initiative. We also do workshops as part of bigger initiatives, so don’t get the idea that workshops aren’t a great idea. We love them!

But, don’t forget…

Kim might also need coaching.  You may need consulting to develop a customized program for  the entire team. You may need a combination of group coaching, leadership development and executive coaching. There’s no way to know exactly what you need until we have looked at your objectives and intended outcomes.

Management Consulting


When people call us it’s because they have either read Stop Workplace Drama, attended one of our webinars, conference sessions, private workshops, follows our blog, or have been referred. The reasons are multi-faceted and unique, from culture change initiatives with PSAP consolidations, stopping drama in a department, or individual mentoring and coaching. That’s why we offer a customized approach. Our process is less about problem-solving and more about creating.

The customized initiatives we offer are designed to help you remove the barriers that prevent teamwork, engagement, collaboration and vision. Through executive coaching, consulting or designing a succession plan, we will design a solution to meet your unique needs and help your agency get the results you want.

Results are dependent upon your goals and outcomes, however here is a list of some of the outcomes and results our clients have experienced:

  • Dramatically improved workplace relationships
  • Increased personal effectiveness and focus
  • Improved communication dynamics
  • Higher levels of engagement
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Renewed energy and joy
  • Increased productivity through eliminating drama
  • Discovery of new gifts to deliver in the workplace

Leadership Coaching


It’s lonely at the top. When public safety professionals call us it’s because they need a trusted confidant to offer listening, guidance, gain clarity, or to get honest feedback. Sometimes they call seeking advice on how to approach a difficult conversation, how to bring up an elephant in the room, or how to determine the best choice for a difficult decision.

How Does Executive Coaching Work?
The commitment is for a minimum of three months with access to Heather Joyner or one of our certified coaches. (We don’t charge based on length of time on the call or number of sessions, therefore there’s no ticking meter to worry about.) You aren’t paying for the hour, you are paying for the expertise. The faster we can help, the better for you! You may need four calls one week, but skip two weeks. We don’t keep count!

Calls happen in real time, are recorded so they may be accessed again and again for improved learning.  You don’t have to worry about scheduling, although we can schedule calls. This is all about convenience and accessibility.  Executive coaching clients get access on the same business day. You have access by email, text and other forms of immediate communication for easy to answer questions or updates.

We come to the coaching relationship believing in the wholeness of the individual. Coaching is not fixing, it is about growth, support and elevating levels of consciousness to increase personal effectiveness. If you are a decision-maker who desires coaching for one of your managers, directors or other leaders, you may inquire about coaching, however, the person being coached is the person who has final agreement.



Selecting the right speaker is one of the key elements of a successful conference session, meeting or retreat.  When you hire Heather Joyner to present at your meeting, you can be confident the details will be taken care of, whether it’s a breakout, a workshop or a keynote.

In addition, many choices are available for assisting you in marketing your event. Depending upon your intended outcome, we can design a customized approach to introduce our sessions to your participants. Some options that have been used before include audio, video messages and the opportunity for participants to share their insights through a web based survey.

Presentations can be offered as keynotes, breakouts, or half-day or full-day workshops. Once you have chosen Heather as a speaker or trainer, the core content is customized around your theme, objectives and suggestions, fitting the themes of empowerment, change, reinvention, life purpose, productivity, personal effectiveness, relationships, leadership, boss-employee issues, authenticity, goal setting, handling difficult communications, and creativity.

We creatively bridge the gap between the personal and professional, between the physical and metaphysical and between boss and employee. No matter what the audience level, participants walk away energized and inspired, believing in what is possible for them personally and professionally.

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