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How This Journey Began

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Complaining, back-stabbing, manipulation, tattling, and power struggles seem to be the norm when managing a public safety communications center. Something Heather Joyner remembers all too well. “As a leader in public safety these issues made me feel like I was failing as a manager. The conflict and pain I was experiencing made me search beyond my capabilities and seek outside assistance to understand what was happening, why it was happening and what I could do to redirect the behaviors to increase productivity and retain personnel.”

In pursuit of understanding Heather met the work of Marlene Chism. “I remember googling “workplace conflict” and Amazon recommending Marlene’s second book, Stop Workplace Drama: Train Your Team to have No Complaints, No Excuses and No Regrets (Wiley 2011). While reading this book I knew I needed to be a student of the work and reached out to Marlene to inquire about what I could do as a director to get my teams on track.”

During Heather’s time of mentoring and working with Marlene you can imagine her surprise when she started to see changes taking place within herself and within her agency. “My confidence started to increase as I practiced setting boundaries, having one on one meetings, addressing department heads of the agencies we service and managing personnel. I was amazed at how I started to gain status, respect, time and most importantly, a drama controlled work environment.”

With the journey of Heather’s struggles into management without a succession plan and the success of her agency and personal growth, Marlene profiled Heather’s story in the first chapter of her third book, No-Drama Leadership: How Enlightened Leaders Transform Culture in the Workplace (Bibliomotion 2015).

As Heather started to gain control of her work environment and personnel issues she knew this work needed to be a resource to other public safety managers or leaders. Fast forward and today Heather is still working as a full-time communications director and along side of leadership expert, Marlene Chism as a consultant, executive educator, national speaker and coach in the industry of public safety.

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Heather Joyner

Founder, Consultant and National Speaker

Heather Joyner is a veteran with over two decades of experience from the front lines of dispatching to communications director. From her desire to create a no-drama workplace, Heather found the book, Stop Workplace Drama and became a student of the work, using her experience and methodology for building wise leaders.

Today, Heather is a management consultant, executive educator and coach of the Stop Workplace Drama™ methodology. She shares her journey across the country at national conferences, meetings, retreats, and agencies across the US.

Heather has a degree in criminal justice and is still employed as a 911 Director at Halifax County E-911 Central Communications located in Halifax, North Carolina.